Other Greenery

Gardening is my other passion. It's sort of funny that I'd share this Heavenly Blue morning glory photo from my garden here, because morning glories are absolutely the easiest, most-not-in-need-of-any-gardening-skill-whatsoever sort of plant. But I love this photo from last summer, and in fact, this is what I use as my background wallpaper on my work computer. 

This is the space where I'll share some of my gardening news, including composting. Because I really, really love composting. Really.

Here is the compost tumbler I use. It really does cook up useable compost in a matter of weeks during warm weather. I toss all my garden clippings in it, along with vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and ripped-up cardboard egg cartons from the kitchen. At the beginning of every summer, I add in a bucket of well-aged horse manure from a local horse-boarding place. That really gets things cooking. I turn it several times a week and use the fabulous compost for planting, top-dressing, and brewing up compost tea.