Sunday, October 30, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 48 - All zipped up

Finally back on a Sunday recording schedule, which I hope to keep up for awhile. If you haven't checked out this episode yet, you can do it right here.

Zipped-up earphone cords! Here are the original instructions. It's easy to adapt to use a fabric casing instead, if you prefer.

Here are the little preemie quilts. Can you see the cherry print? It looked great as backing on both quilts, too. You can probably easily figure out how to make the center square, but if you'd like instructions, try this link. I use the option on Page 5 of the instructions with the flying geese forming a star.

OK, as for other links in this episode....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 47 - Rippers and such

Just realized I've gotten a little off in numbering the episodes - today's is #47 and not 46 as I said in the recording. At any rate, here's the link to our little foray into the world of seam rippers.

Bad shadow from my poorly-lit sewing room at night, but here are the seam rippers I have on hand right now -- from left to right, the Clover, the Dritz, and the Schick Quattro trimmer. Still haven't gotten the hang of the trimmer yet, but I'll keep practicing. You can see the ergonomic design of the Dritz (in the middle). It really makes a difference with big rip-out projects!

Remember, replace a ripper as soon as you notice it getting dull. It's just not worth it to try to struggle through with a blade that's not tip-top.

Here's the start of my just-couldn't-resist-it pumpkin project. I was going to use the circular doily on the top but that looked pretty dumb. You can see how easy it was to just snip the medallions out of the little table topper instead.

One layer of the Mod Podge just looked awful. Gummy and patchy. It's amazing how it dries clear and shiny.More poor lighting but the finished result really did look pretty cute.

Feels good to be easing back into a schedule - talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode 46 - Home again, home again

It's good to be home again, home again, after a super trip to Prague. Here's the link to the full episode.

Here are our travel bags against the colorful backdrop of the quirky little Prague lock bridge.

Listener Nancy asked for a tutorial on the messenger bag -- tutorials aren't my strong suit but I'd like to practice on them so yeah, I'll do that soon. Thanks for asking!

The kitchen rug is done and looks great -- but as far as photos go, it looks even cuter with Betty hiding under it.
OK, here are the slippers made out of heavy cotton placemats and cotton flannel scraps. The soles and uppers have three layers -- placemat, fleece interfacing, and flannel. The section around the heel is just a strip folded lengthwise with wide elastic inserted through it. I stitched the fused uppers to the soles first, then added the strip with the elastic -- quarter-inch exterior seams all the way around. A little binding around the edges would definitely improve the looks, but so far I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Odd looking, but so comfy and they really stay on! If I do get around to making a more attractive pair, I can refer to these as the prototype. Until then, I'm using and enjoying them.

Look how easy it is to make your own pattern. One piece of paper, one pencil, one foot. Just cut out your pattern a quarter-inch outside your tracing line. Make your upper pattern to fit right around the toes, then flare out to extend about an inch either side of the sole piece. Go slowly in stitching them together, easing the larger piece into place. Easier than it looks!

Other stuff from this episode:

Finally, here's the 9 x 12 quilt from the guild's summer challenge: "My Life with Fabric." Lots of textures, recycled materials, sentimental scraps from family and friends. What would your quilt look like?

Good to be back on a schedule - talk to you all soon!