Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 41 - Five bags of summer

This episode gives us a chance to talk about some fun, very easy bag projects that just have summer written all over them. Listen in here.

Here's the almost-finished library bag/car organizer based on this tutorial from Katie at Punk Projects. Thanks, Katie! Gotta find that button foot so I can finish it up - buttons go where you see pins here.

This view shows you a little more how the strap goes around the passenger's seat. Depending on your tolerance level for floppiness, you might be able to skip this strap.

Here's what I was trying to explain about making an outside-pocket bag out of a single strip of fabric. I'm not good with adding text, but maybe this will help.

E-mail me if this isn't clear. Honestly, this is one of the fastest bag-making methods ever.

Here are the produce bags we use. The check-out folks at our local Wegmans have never had a problem with them, and if they get sticky, they wash like a dream. (the bags, I mean. I assume the same's true for the Wegmans staff.)

Odd and quirky little farmer's market bag out of a T-shirt. Looks funny, but really handy.

ETA on 7/27: Thanks to listener Elisa, we now have the link to this bag tutorial. Here 'tis. Thank you so much, Elise!

Ah, yes, the yippee-aye-oh-kai-ay camera bag. I've gotten so used to it that I don't even think twice about it anymore - it's just the right size and the fleece interior makes for a very nice padding.

Finally, here's the link to Martha's Beach Towel Tote. I think the basic idea is really good, but I'd definitely stitch sides into it to make it more reliable as an actual bag. Let me know if you make one - I'd love to feature your photos and thoughts.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 40 - Some little summer projects

Not a lot of energy for big, complicated projects today - but these will be very useful all the same. You can listen in here.

Here's the finished doorstop - just wrapped with scrap fabric like a present and hand-stitched into place.
A scrap of rubberized shelf liner on the bottom will help keep the doorstop from skidding on the hardwood floor. You could achieve the same effect with a few squiggles of puffy paint or harvesting a non-skid bottom from old slippers or pajama feet.

I put a little strap on the side just because I could. Probably doesn't need it.

And here's what it looks like underneath. A double-bagging of old cereal box liners, with a few scoops of sand inside, wrapped up with packing tape. It's about the size of a small brick.

Now Dan's shoe is back in the closet with its mate!

Finally, here's what I had been using to bring home small compostable items, and what I'll use starting tomorrow. The applique was a lesson in how not to over-think things.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 39 - Friends, porches, and e-reading

Today's episode was a rambling collection of summertime observations - but we got to a little bit of sewing, didn't we? Listen in here.

Not quite finished yet, because I have two more throw pillows to do, but I do love the new look. Fresh, crisp, and much more comfortable with the thicker seat cushions! As you can see, we inaugurated the new cushions this evening by enjoying a glass of wine.

Really, the old red cushions weren't exactly awful, but those thin seat pads just weren't very comfortable! I did re-use the pad for the rocker back instead of using new foam - also re-used the pillow stuffing for the new batch.

Here are two of the little cuddlers headed for the OHSU neonatal unit. So small, so cuddly! The pink one is from a mill-end of jersey knit - the green-and-white polka-dot one is flannel.

Fresh blueberry coffeecake for the gal-pal sewing day! The recipe was a great recommendation from my sister Karen, who is much better at baking than I am. (Vintage napkins from thrift store.)

Finally, please enjoy these great podcasters:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greenstitch Episode 38 - Fred Mertz and the fear factor

Oh, Fred Mertz. How I enjoyed talking about you and your too-high pants. Click here for the podcast.

Need more Fred Mertz pants mania? This Nick at Nite promo cracks me up.

OK, so, here's the re-attached waistband. See? This is no haute couture proposition. These are only scrubby capri pants. Not a daunting project at all. Pick up those scissors and go!

Here's one of the little vests for NICU babies. Three little squares of baby-soft Velcro hold it together at the neck and on the sides. Find the pattern here.

And while we're at it, enjoy some of these other patterns for NICU use. Remember to check with your local hospital to confirm they can use these. Meanwhile, have fun sewing!