Sunday, July 10, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 39 - Friends, porches, and e-reading

Today's episode was a rambling collection of summertime observations - but we got to a little bit of sewing, didn't we? Listen in here.

Not quite finished yet, because I have two more throw pillows to do, but I do love the new look. Fresh, crisp, and much more comfortable with the thicker seat cushions! As you can see, we inaugurated the new cushions this evening by enjoying a glass of wine.

Really, the old red cushions weren't exactly awful, but those thin seat pads just weren't very comfortable! I did re-use the pad for the rocker back instead of using new foam - also re-used the pillow stuffing for the new batch.

Here are two of the little cuddlers headed for the OHSU neonatal unit. So small, so cuddly! The pink one is from a mill-end of jersey knit - the green-and-white polka-dot one is flannel.

Fresh blueberry coffeecake for the gal-pal sewing day! The recipe was a great recommendation from my sister Karen, who is much better at baking than I am. (Vintage napkins from thrift store.)

Finally, please enjoy these great podcasters:


  1. Anne, thanks for the very nice mentions of my podcast and book reviews. I have been thoroughly enjoying your podcast for quite some time now and always get the best ideas and tips from you! I also want to thank you for all of the wonderful items you're making for the preemie babies. As a mom who went through 2 weeks with a baby in NICU earlier this year, for the first time it really drove home to me how much goes on there and the wonderful care the nurses and staff give the babies AND the anxious parents. Even as a quilter myself and able to bring my own quilt in for Maddy, I was so touched that first night when the nurse's gave me a quilt for her. I knew it had been made by someone as thoughtful as you. Keep up the great work and those wonderful podcast episodes coming!

  2. Tanesha, thanks for your sweet note! I am so delighted to have found your podcast, too - I'm a loyal fan! I do love sewing the baby stuff and I'm glad your sweet little one is A-OK. Hugs to you - Anne

  3. Your cushions look nice. We spend a lot of time on our porch too. I enjoyed your podcast, as usual. I also have a nook and love it. BN offers a free book each Friday. I am writing to you on it now thanks to wireless. Much more than an e reader. Check out a great place to discover new books.

  4. Recently you've mentioned that your DH is retiring. Mine retired 8 years prior to my recent departure from work and it was great. He did the housework, had a meal on the table every night and was a great support for me in my work. I am sure your life will be equally wonderful. Enjoy.

  5. Hi, found your blog while surfing for new sewing podcasts and truly enjoyed it. Thanks.

  6. just listened to a number of your latest podcasts and enjoyed them very much - as always i might add :-)
    your new cushions are fabulous and your porch looks very stylish with them. enjoy your summer and thanks for podcasting, it reall brightens up my sewing time!!

  7. the chair cushions look lovely! While listening to your podcast this afternoon, I used the fabric and foam left from the cushions I made for our back porch, to make 4 smaller chair cushions. You were my inspiration to get these done. I didn't have enough of the fabric, so I used plain canvas for the back of them! Love listening to your podcasts!

  8. I am sure you aren't gonna believe if I say you that I have similar sofas in my house , but believe me , it is true !