Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 41 - Five bags of summer

This episode gives us a chance to talk about some fun, very easy bag projects that just have summer written all over them. Listen in here.

Here's the almost-finished library bag/car organizer based on this tutorial from Katie at Punk Projects. Thanks, Katie! Gotta find that button foot so I can finish it up - buttons go where you see pins here.

This view shows you a little more how the strap goes around the passenger's seat. Depending on your tolerance level for floppiness, you might be able to skip this strap.

Here's what I was trying to explain about making an outside-pocket bag out of a single strip of fabric. I'm not good with adding text, but maybe this will help.

E-mail me if this isn't clear. Honestly, this is one of the fastest bag-making methods ever.

Here are the produce bags we use. The check-out folks at our local Wegmans have never had a problem with them, and if they get sticky, they wash like a dream. (the bags, I mean. I assume the same's true for the Wegmans staff.)

Odd and quirky little farmer's market bag out of a T-shirt. Looks funny, but really handy.

ETA on 7/27: Thanks to listener Elisa, we now have the link to this bag tutorial. Here 'tis. Thank you so much, Elise!

Ah, yes, the yippee-aye-oh-kai-ay camera bag. I've gotten so used to it that I don't even think twice about it anymore - it's just the right size and the fleece interior makes for a very nice padding.

Finally, here's the link to Martha's Beach Towel Tote. I think the basic idea is really good, but I'd definitely stitch sides into it to make it more reliable as an actual bag. Let me know if you make one - I'd love to feature your photos and thoughts.


  1. The blog that posted and designed the bag is
    direct link to the post is

  2. Thanks for using my tutorial & linking back to my blog, You car book bag looks great!! :)


  3. Elisa - thank you SO much for sending that link on the T-shirt market bag. It was driving me nuts that I couldn't find it, and I wanted to give the clever originator credit for it -- I'm updating the post to reflect it.

    Katie - thanks for then note and thanks for the bag inspiration - it's great how we can build and adapt on one another's ideas (and happy day, I did find my buttonhole foot, so I can now complete the bag!!)

  4. I had found it a year ago and then couldn't find it again for the longest time either. Glad to help.

  5. Thank you for another great episode. You always have such great ideas! Tami In Denver

  6. I love this! Makes me want to make some bags (after I finish the 7 other projects that I have started) how do you get all this accomplished and work a full time job? My hats off to you :-)

  7. Can't wait to make the car organizer bag. I'm absolutely going to do it. Also--check over at my blog house. Still posting about things that are up your/our alley. :)

  8. >Love the bag review. The car organizer seems great...once my baby is old enough. I too use that mesh laundry bag to make lots of stuff. How big do you make your produce bags? Would love a quick tut.

  9. Thanks for another lovely podcast.

  10. Do you store your produce in those bags in your fridge too? We use those 'green bags' to store our CSA produce and while they work great, I'm tiring of the need to wash them week to week. Always thought that many types of produce would dry too quickly if not in plastic. What have you found?

  11. I love the car bag - this would be perfect for my kids as we do car share, and these bags could easily be stored away with their car seats when not in use.

  12. also love the car bag, it looks really amazing, this could be perfect for my kind, thanks a lot for the review, keep posting