Monday, August 1, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 42 - Tick, tock...

Thanks for listening in to my ramblings about making a quilted clock. Here's the link.

What do you think? The really antique, jewel-y buttons don't show up well in the photo, but they look pretty good in real life. I had to snap this up off the windowseat right after taking the photo as Betty was eyeing it suspiciously. I could just see her rubbing the buttons with her paws - nope, not gonna donate this with traces of cat hair.

Here's the compost tea just beginning to brew. Really, it's wonderful stuff for the plants and gives them such a good pick-me-up this time of year. I brewed two big buckets with one burlap bag of compost. Each bucket brewed in the sun for about four hours. I've let them brew for a couple of days before, too, and it doesn't smell if you use well-aged compost. There's no real science to it.

The compost goes right back into the bin after brewing. And yes, this burlap bag will remain dedicated to this purpose in the future. I'm not about to wash it out and use it for something around the house!


  1. Love Project Runway (and, of course, your podcast). I missed the first episode last week and watched from its website via HDM1 cable to my laptop. I'm afraid that this week's episode will have drama!

  2. Love the podcast. One neat idea that I saw in BH&G was to use burlap to create a bean-bag/poof for your living room. It can be a chair or even a footstool. I've been collecting bags for this purpose. Here's a link with a photo of the idea

  3. Nice clock. I need one for my kitchen and am thinking about giving this a try.

  4. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!