Monday, June 27, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 37 - Portland

Thanks for joining me on my fun trip to Portland, Oregon! (Click here to listen.)

Here are a few shots from my week.

Maureen and I had a great time Sunday afternoon at Portland's famous rose garden. We lingered here for a long time, just breathing in the wonderful fragrance, people-watching, and enjoying being together. She's such a sweetheart. We really had a fantastic five days.

A few of the flannel pieces I'll use to make my traditional baby receiving blankets in memory of my mom.

Vintage fabrics and linens!

If you're in Portland, I'm sure you know this place well. Maureen and I really enjoyed being there.

My new canvas bag. If anyone knows the significance of this text logo, let me know. I hope it's nothing awful, because I really like the bag!

ETA: Why didn't I just Google it sooner? It's not only nothing awful, it's something really nice.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 36 - Just rummaging around

Thanks for your patience while I got back to the microphone! If you haven't heard the current episode, check it out here.My friend Peggy Jo had a terrific sale table with fabric and craft items of all sorts.

A sign that's guaranteed to move things out -- "FREE"!

Shoppers in a frenzy.

Here's my table, with Connie next door. It worked well to pile all my scraps in a bin and have people choose what they wanted - $2 for a full-stuffed bag.

How could I resist the lure of vintage buttons from guild member Betty? I didn't even try!

Finally, here's what's been keeping me busy these past few weeks. Soon I'll have a retired husband and a lot more of a flexible schedule on the weekends - it's been a great 10 years in business and I'm really thrilled Dan can take this long-awaited next step!