Sunday, June 19, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 36 - Just rummaging around

Thanks for your patience while I got back to the microphone! If you haven't heard the current episode, check it out here.My friend Peggy Jo had a terrific sale table with fabric and craft items of all sorts.

A sign that's guaranteed to move things out -- "FREE"!

Shoppers in a frenzy.

Here's my table, with Connie next door. It worked well to pile all my scraps in a bin and have people choose what they wanted - $2 for a full-stuffed bag.

How could I resist the lure of vintage buttons from guild member Betty? I didn't even try!

Finally, here's what's been keeping me busy these past few weeks. Soon I'll have a retired husband and a lot more of a flexible schedule on the weekends - it's been a great 10 years in business and I'm really thrilled Dan can take this long-awaited next step!

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  1. Hi Anne
    Congratulations on Dan's retirement. As you say, I'm sure it's a big and somewhat sad step but also it's important to have that time together too. Probably the most important thing really! I'm so glad you are 'back on the air' - we missed you!!
    Love Maxine xx