Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 47 - Rippers and such

Just realized I've gotten a little off in numbering the episodes - today's is #47 and not 46 as I said in the recording. At any rate, here's the link to our little foray into the world of seam rippers.

Bad shadow from my poorly-lit sewing room at night, but here are the seam rippers I have on hand right now -- from left to right, the Clover, the Dritz, and the Schick Quattro trimmer. Still haven't gotten the hang of the trimmer yet, but I'll keep practicing. You can see the ergonomic design of the Dritz (in the middle). It really makes a difference with big rip-out projects!

Remember, replace a ripper as soon as you notice it getting dull. It's just not worth it to try to struggle through with a blade that's not tip-top.

Here's the start of my just-couldn't-resist-it pumpkin project. I was going to use the circular doily on the top but that looked pretty dumb. You can see how easy it was to just snip the medallions out of the little table topper instead.

One layer of the Mod Podge just looked awful. Gummy and patchy. It's amazing how it dries clear and shiny.More poor lighting but the finished result really did look pretty cute.

Feels good to be easing back into a schedule - talk to you soon.