Monday, October 11, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 10 - A podcast to dye for!

In this episode, I loved learning about natural dyes from fab fiber artist Kimberly Hall and then doing my own experiments. I'll start these show notes with the end result -- the small bag made from my old ivory silk/linen blouse, with pieces dyed in onion skins and faded flowers from my garden.

I love the raw-edged ruffles and fraying applique -- a perfect counterpoint to the formal jacquard fabric.

So the original fabric would always be handy (the better to admire the contrast with, my dear), I lined the pouch with the original ivory silk/linen fabric. Can you see the band for the wristlet here? It's the buttonhole band from the blouse.

You really want to check out Kim's great video from the Etsy labs - you won't believe how easy this process is, and she explains everything perfectly. View the video here.

And below are my results from using the process Kim describes.

Above are the muslin samples. At left is the original unbleached muslin. Following are the samples dyed with onion skins, garden flowers, and red cabbage. With the exception of the onion skin piece, pretty forgettable results.

Here are the pieces cut from the angora/lambswool sweater -- original, onion skins, flowers, and cabbage. I think I'll felt the dyed pieces up and make a BlackBerry case. (Hey! Next summer I should dye a BlackBerry case with blackberries!)

Here's where it starts to get really interesting...the samples from the blouse I got from Coldwater Creek about 10 years ago. Again, the photo above shows the original fabric, and the dyed results from onion skins, garden flowers, and red cabbage.

Finally, here are the cotton doilies ... an original white one, and samples from onion skins, flowers, and red cabbage (which doesn't look blue here in this sunlit photo, but it's really a very distinct blue shade.)

Now, for more links to the projects and exhibits Kim Hall described:

If you're in the New York City area, check out Kim's knitting workshops at the Textile Arts Center: Saturday, Oct. 16 from 2 until 5 p.m.; Thursday, Oct. 21 from 6 until 9 p.m.; and Thursday, Oct. 28, from 6 until 9 p.m.

Finally, Kim's Web site is here.

And until Oct. 15, leave a comment on the Episode 8 blog entry and get entered into a drawing for either the sewing room organization book or the Annie Smith quilt pattern.

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