Sunday, December 19, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 17 - Crispina ffrench interview (and more!)

Merry Christmas! Thanks for making a little time during this busy holiday season to listen to Episode 17!

I've learned so much about felting and recycling sweaters from the Sweater Chop Shop, so it was terrific to have a chance to visit with author Crispina ffrench. Here are a few links that can tell you more about Crispina.

UPDATED 12/23: Here's a shot of the felted wool stocking, made from a recycled Old Navy wood sweater.

Also mentioned in this podcast:

Here's the cute Christmas ornament from the clever gals at my quilt guild party. There are tons of fun things happening out there with fabric selvages. These were foundation-stitched to a thin piece of batting and a solid backing fabric. Outside edges are raw, with just one row of topstitching about a quarter-inch from the edge. Everyone loved them!

Listener Valerie (scrooquilt) sent these photos of tote bags made from cleaned-out birdseed bags. That heavy-duty plastic will make for a durable shopping bag - great idea, Valerie!

Finally, here's the link to the great fabric gift wrapping (and tag-making) ideas.

This link came to me from Darla at the Scientific Quilter - thanks, Darla! (and if you're not a fan of Darla's yet, please get yourself over there and listen - she's great!)


  1. I love your stocking and the bird seed bags are wonderful! What a fun gift for your bird-feeding lovers!

  2. Great interview with Crispina--I'm going to follow her blog now too. She's doing great re-making. I just love all the superstars you're finding for us! :)

  3. The selvage ornaments were all Betty Max. They are cute! Thanks for more great ideas to sew greener. You're inspiring me to change my ways for the better.

  4. Had the privilege of listening to TWO Greenstitch podcasts today on my drive, and this one was excellent, too. I love the way Crispina French makes it all sound so easy, too, and that there's no real "right" or "wrong" way to go about refashioning. Great interview - thanks!