Thursday, September 22, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 45 - The 4 a.m. episode

Back to you with two more bags, although I'm really going to take a bag break after this! But sometimes, you just need bags! (Listen to the podcast here.)

Here's what the Kenlons will be bopping around Prague with this next week. As you can see, Dan has already test-driven his, with much success. I love the corduroy print in mine! I haven't sewn the vintage buttons in place yet, but will do that before we leave .... which is now in about four hours!

See you soon, everyone, and thanks so much for listening.


  1. Wow Anne, that bag is lovely...great job! Hope you have a fantastic trip.


  2. I loved how you described making your bag with the knit fabric bottle holder. I need to add one of those to my messenger bag. The idea of customizing is a wonderful one! Thank you and have a great vacation!

  3. Hello Anne, it's so strange to be on your blog having listening to 44 (?) episodes of your podcast in a row. Not one after another mind you, but usually two a day on the commute to and from work, while I'm doing some sort of handwork on the streetcar.
    It's kinda frustrating listening sometimes as you talk about things and I want to say, "Hey! What about x? Or, I have a great idea for that problem", but if you recorded that episode in the winter of 2011, I doubt my comments have much relevance now! Still, I love listening to your podcast, every episode is inspiring. And finally, FINALLY a good thrift store opened in my neighbourhood, so I've been using your thrifting tips. I was thrilled beyond belief to find a Tilley button-down shirt that was produced in a Liberty of London pattern, I did a little dance and thought of you. I'm making it into a bag, eventually I'll get around to posting it.
    Amazingly, this is my first time on your blog, I came here once when you interviewed one of my craft heroes - Ginger Hendrix - and I made a point of subscribing to the podcast, but never got around to listening.
    This Fall, with my girls heading to school and daycare respectively, and work getting more and more dense I really need to carve out my me-time, which is crafting, these days. Listening to you and doing a wee bit of sewing on the streetcar is the perfect way to begin and end my day creatively.
    So, keep up the great work, and have a great vacation. Oh yes, the reason why I finally came over here (besides putting you in my Google Reader) is I found a site that might be of interest to you - a woman who quilts with only reclaimed fabrics - especially button-down shirts! Thought you might enjoy it:

    A long-winded post to basically say, thank you for being such a nice person to listen to, for being inspiring and generally awesome.


  4. Anne: Could you show more pictures of your finished messenger bag? Maybe a tute?