Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 8 - Getting organized with Annie Smith

Author, teacher, podcaster and lecturer Annie Smith shared some wonderful thoughts on organizing our stashes in this episode. The advice fits whether we're stashing quilting fabric or clothes and linens for refashioning. Annie's bottom line is this -- if you can't find your materials and supplies, you'll spend more time hunting and being frustrated than you will sewing!uilt

Here are a few links to go along with Annie's interview.

Annie's Web site (where you'll also find her great podcast, Quilting Stash)

In other news ...here's the Green Halloween site.

And now, two giveaways!
Leave a comment and let me know if you'd like my copy of this terrific, idea-packed organization book by Lois Hallock....

OR, if you'd like Annie's generously donated "Exploring Fabric Choices" pattern to help you make confident decisions as you shop your stash for your next project.

Just leave a comment and add whether you'd like the organization book, the fabric pattern, or either one. I'll take entries through Oct. 15.

As always, thanks for listening - and be sure and tune in next time when my sister Karen will join me.


  1. Ann,
    I love your new podcast! I have listened to all the episodes and get so excited when a new one is posted.
    I would love the getting organized book.
    Keep up the good work.
    Donna Sisk

  2. Great podcast. Thanks for the giveaway if I win either one would be great

  3. I just found your podcast, and I love it! I'm a new sewer, and you have so many great, green ideas! Keep up the good work!
    As for the giveaway, I'd love either book!

  4. I'm so excited that I'm not too late the enter the giveaway! I really need that organization book. I am planning to move my sewing room upstairs next summer so I loved listening to how Annie Smith repurposed furniture for her sewing room makeover.

    I'm really enjoying the podcast. I don't get to listen as frequently as I would like to, but I have enjoyed every episode so far.

  5. Excellent podcast. I enjoyed hearing Annie's solutions for arranging her collection. I am an avid sewer and have just come across your podcast - it's wonderful. Thanks for introducing me to Annie's as well.

    Thanks for all the organizational hints and ideas. I would enjoy either item.

    Another great book is "Dream sewing spaces - Design and organization for spaces large and small" by Lynette Ranney Black. It includes many ideas for using green materials for storage and organization.

  6. First, great podcast. I've been listening out of order - finally got to this one. Love the conversation with Anne. She is so talented. As for the give away. Both would be fabulous, if nothing else I would love Anne's pattern. I will be ordering her book on applique.

  7. Thanks for the great links! I already have a copy of that awesome organizing book, and would LOVE Annie's awesome Fabric book!

  8. I really liked this podcast. I heard about it through Sew Forth Now. As I am getting ready to share my sewing room with a baby boy, I'd love to have organizing book. Plus, I have a sewing family with all of us in need of organizational help, so the book could be shared among all of us. Thanks for the podcast and the interest in promoting sewing with repurposed fabric.

  9. Anne - Thanks so so much for your podcast. It's great to have another sewing podcast to draw inspiration from! I love the mix of interviews on such a variety of topics, the casual talk about sewing that you had with your sis, and descriptions of projects and how-tos. I loved that you told a tiny bit about making the little wristlet during the dying podcast, and I think you should tell more about what you're working on during each podcast.

    I would love to win Annie Smith's organization book if I win your drawing.

  10. I would so loooove that organization book! I am in the middle og "stash registration" but last night I threw it all on the floor and started sewing. :-) I enjoy your podcasts. :-)

  11. Excellent advice for me because I like to make those crafts but I'd like to get the book in order to organize my perfect quilting space to make all things I've always dreamed.

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