Sunday, September 5, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 6 - Green up your lunch

Just a few simple sewing projects can make a huge difference in cutting down on the amount of trash we generate -- as I realized with a jolt earlier this summer. Below is my handy-dandy new sandwich wrap in action. Couldn't be simpler: Just a cereal bag liner, serged to a piece of lightweight cotton cut from an old shirt.

The Betz White sandwich wrap also gets a lot of attention online. Here's the link.

This Martha Stewart lunch bag has a great tutorial. I just added a lining, a button and loop (I use wrapped elastic ponytail holders for button loops) and a handle. Of course, I can never resist adding a cloth napkin. Sergers are great for these.

Here's my little roll-up quilted placemat, with pocket for napkin and cutlery. It's in and out of my desk drawer at least once a day. So handy! No plastic spoons or paper napkins to throw away!

Here's a glimpse at what these projects helped to eliminate. This shows my office trashcan a couple of months ago after just two days' worth of routine trash -- disgusting!!!
Oh, and if you want to check out the "Lunch Bags" book I mentioned, here's the link.

Here's my brother Joe, sporting his ever-so-practical refashioning project. One additional note: He reported that around Mile 6, he spotted another runner wearing a sleeveless black T-shirt with black arm warmers. He commented to her (I'm impressed that anyone can talk at that point!) that arm warmers were nice to have on a chilly, windy day. She laughed and said her arm runners were actually old cut-off running tights - and they shared a laugh over their clever frugality. Joe said there are actually "proper" arm warmers for runners that sell for $20 or so! Here's his running blog.


  1. I think Joe needs the gender-appropriate tag of RE-FASHION-IS-TER. Just saying. High five, Joe.

  2. Can't wait to try the sandwich wrapper - I'm going to try to make it into a snack holder for my kids lunch.

  3. I need to make a sandwich wrapper for my son, and remembered the one you made using a cereal liner. My question: how has this held up in the wash? I usually give him PB & J so I know I'll have to throw it in the laundry pretty often.

  4. Hi, Holly - our sandwich wrappers have held up amazingly well in the wash. I always put them in a mesh bag (like you use for lingerie) to minimize the jostling and twisting in the washer, and I smooth them out flat to air-dry. But Dan and I have been using the same wraps since last summer and they are still going strong. Of course, I don't wash them every day, or even every week - but every couple of weeks or whenever they need it. I wipe the cereal liner after each use, sometimes with a little shot of lemon juice for freshness. Hope it works out for you - keep me posted!!!