Saturday, November 13, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 13 - Be a Wrap Star

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Here's a loaf of bread in all its dollar store tea-towel finery -- I just used large hand-basting stitches and the bag looks dandy. And the bag for the jelly jar will be a great size for someone else to use for a small gift.
Here's another tea towel dressing up a loaf of bread. I really can't believe I'm lured in dollar stores from time to time - the siren song of the inexpensive tea towel is powerful indeed.

Even a small box can look pretty good wrapped in a tea towel. I had this red lace in my stash from some eBay assortment of trims I got ages ago. Since I'm not needing to decorate a bordello anytime soon, the wide red lace lent itself nicely to some gift-wrapping.

Wine bags of various origins. I think I'll stick with the ones made from cloth napkins.

Meet the Morsbags! These are just a few of the batch that I've made. I smile when I look through this stack and remember how all these bags started out -- some pillow covers from the Salvation Army, my friend Beth's old curtains, some leftover upholstery fabric, and a cute but outdated jumper I picked up at my friend Peggy Jo's garage sale.

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  1. Loved this episode. Some really great ideas covered, got me thinking. The laptop case is my favorite - very colorful and fun. Thanks for sharing your creative solutions!

  2. I listened to this podcast this afternoon, and it really struck a chord with me, including the part about not being sure whether you're OK giving an upcycled gift to someone, especially if it's going to be used near food. I, obviously, have no problem with it at all, but I'm always genuinely surprised by the number of people who don't like any sort of "reused" goods. In a horrible economy and an ever-aware, eco-conscious world, I'm amazed by this. There was an article on Yahoo the other day that mentioned thrift-store shopping as a way to save money (duh!), and one of the comments read something to the effect of, "I'd rather go naked than wear jeans that came from a thrift shop. That's gross." More thrifty goodness for me, I guess, but it's always a little sad to me that there are people who would never think of using previously-loved things.

  3. Michelle, I'm totally with you! It all comes down to "knowing your audience." Frankly, for me, those who have the "eew" reaction to recycled elements in gifts are more on my "obligatory" gift list rather than those truly dear to my heart. We all have a few folks like that! I've read comments on fashion-sewing blogs that have similar comments to the one you mentioned...well, all the more great thrift store fabric out there for the rest of us! :-)