Sunday, November 21, 2010

GreenStitch Episode 14 - Eco-scarves

In today's episode (listen here!) we take a look at easy scarf projects. Because, at least here in New York State, it's getting cold out there.

The more I'm around this scarf, the more I love it. The shirring with the elastic thread is just so easy to do when you follow Erin's great tutorial. Yes, the tutorial is for a sundress, but the shirring technique is easy to adapt to any project. You can do it, I promise. (Here's the main link to House on Hill Road.)

Here's the dress that yielded the fabric for the ruffled scarf. Isn't it horrible? As in, really-and-truly, total-crime-of-fashion horrible? Don't worry. Like the parrot in the old Monty Python sketch, "It is no more. It has CEASED to BE."

Ah, the T-shirt scarf. So cozy, so casual, so versatile. Am definitely going to try onion-skin dying a white one with some lacy appliques on it. I just think you can't have too many of these. Would also be cute to insert narrow ruffles in the seams.

Here's the flannel-shirt scarf, pockets and all. I look really carefully at the flannel before I make these. Sometimes the older flannel has a lot of pills from wear, and you don't want those scratching around on your neck.

This one didn't photograph all that well on this overcast day, but you can get a little sense of the drapey cowl out of velvet and sparkly sweater knit. Get the instructions for this Erin Harris design in the current issue of Stitch magazine.

Here's the finished Project Night Night quilt. Keep up with all the results of the project over at the Quilted Cupcake.

Other links from this podcast:

Finally, here's a shot of Mr. Leo, who wandered through in mid-podcast. After he realized it wasn't playtime, he headed to his basket for a nap.


  1. Love, Love the scarves. Sky is the limit. One could use vintage or fun buttons long the hem or partway down the sides at the end. Thanks for the podcast, I always get great ideas and inspiration from you. Tami in Denver

  2. I definitely have to make one of these ruffly, bouncy scarves. I bet they would even be nice in the summer, when the air-conditioning is blasting in the grocery store. I'm going to go check my stash now!

  3. Thanks so much, ladies!!! Long live the scarf! :-)

  4. BEAUTIFUL SCARVES WHAT i LIKE OF THOSE SCARVES is that they're colorful and that's what I like because i use to wear different clothes and it is a good complement.

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