Sunday, March 27, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 30 - Repurpose-Along 2011

Join us in the Repurpose-Along! Here's the link to this week's broadcast.

Now that I've figured out the Flickr thing (I think), here is the direct link to the Repurpose-Along 2011 photo group. You need to have joined Flickr and put you photos on your own photostream in order to put them in the group. You have until April 22 to be part of the drawing. So, that's plenty of time to do a bit of a repurposing project and share it. Give it a go!!!

You can also use the Ravelry thread that Shilo links to from the Spin Control podcast blog.

These three rumpled shirts are the basis is my own Repurpose-Along project. What sort of backpack will they become? I'm not certain yet, and I'm OK with that. Stay tuned!

And speaking of that -- treat yourself to reading Lainie Lipson's full post about the Slow Cloth concept. If you're working on something where you can relax and savor the process, please do so!

And regarding spring cleaning:

Oh, and here are the results of the latest survey - way to go, cloth napkin users! :-)

Do you use cloth napkins (serviettes)?

Yes, all or most of the time
12 (38%)
Yes, sometimes
10 (32%)
No, but I'm thinking about starting
9 (29%)
No, and I probably won't
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 31

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  1. AHA! I joined the flickr group, have not added pictures yet, as have not taken them, but will get them asap.