Sunday, April 24, 2011

GreenStitch Episode 33 - Earth Day updates

Episode 33 was filled with Earth Day stuff and other updates. Haven't heard it yet? Link in right here.

Check out Shilo's podcast and her Ravelry group (she's aJoyfulGirl) for the photos on the Ravelry side of the 2011 Repurpose Along. The Flickr group is here. Be sure and make your Viewer's Choice pix ("love" on Ravelry, "favorite" on Flickr) to determine who wins extra prizes. In the meantime, congrats to "goodstuff," Lesley, and Beth!

Want to make a pillow for breast-surgery patients? Here's the pattern I traced off of the one Susan's team uses. I hope there's enough info here so you can make your own pattern.

From there, using any sort of cotton or cotton-blend fabric:

  • Cut out two, on the fold.
  • Cut a piece of narrow elastic (1/4" or 3/8" wide) about 13 inches long. Pin or baste each elastic end to the right side of one of your fabric pieces at place indicated by large dot.
  • Place your two pieces of fabric right sides together, and stitch around the edge, using a 1/4" seam. Make sure to keep your elastic loop between the pieces, stitching them into place as you make the seam.
  • Leave an opening along the bottom, as indicated by the dotted line.
  • Clip curves.
  • Turn inside out and press.
  • Stuff lightly with fiberfill.
  • Hand-stitch opening closed.

They really go together so quickly and easily. Why not contact your local hospital or cancer-care center and see if they could use some?

A few other links from this episode:

Finally, I must share with you this photo which marks such a historic event in my family:


  1. What a fun surprise to hear my blog mentioned on Green Stitch! Thank you so much for the kind words about my knitting designs, Anne, and for putting together such an excellent podcast. I always learn something new and look forward to every episode!

  2. You are so welcome, and thank YOU for listening! Your patterns are great. I really need to do more knitting!

  3. I won! I never win anything! And thanks as well for your kind words about my project!