Monday, January 2, 2012

GreenStitch Episode 50 - Happy 2012!

It's a New Year's miracle - I posted after going dark for more than a month! Thanks so much for tuning in (you can get the recording here.)

It was so much fun to see Jim Henson's original puppet creations at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The original Kermit at the left of the pack is faded but it was easy to see how he had started out life as Jim Henson's mother's old wool coat!

And a few other links from today's ramble-fest:


  1. happy new year to you!! your new skirt looks great, thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I'm happy to be starting the new year as a new listener. Great podcast! I already have several project ideas. I have been re-purposing for quite some time and way before it was considered green but I have never had so much inspiration. I look forward to new shows and catching up on the older ones. I love your new skirt and congratulations on the weight loss. And I love the shoes!

  3. Anne,
    We've been spending alot of time together lately...;) I've listened to several podcasts in a row....

    Congrats on your weight loss! You skirt is lovely.

    LOVE, LOVE LOve the newseum. We were there this past August and took 2 days to get thru it!


  4. Another great podcast Anne. Thanks so much for taking the time for all of us! I soooooo get what you were saying about the mass produced stuff and esp the messages we are giving young girls. Can't we build their little self esteems in a more productive way than to make them into little Kardashian wanna-be's? congrats on the weight loss. I have adopted a plant-based, whole foods eating regimen and am loving how I feel and what it does to help our planet as well. I think I'll give your Ease into 5K app a shot and see how that goes. Again thanks and happy new year to you and Dan the (retired) Man!

  5. As always, loved the podcast. I too think a lot about the useless and demeaning messages that they market to young girls. There does not seem to be a parallel in young boys clothing, so the subtle sexism (and not so subtle) continues. More than the words, I fear the total inappropriate nature of the clothing. My friend once told her little sister, "You need to go back into the house and get the rest of your clothing." LOL I've been looking for a bike parallel to the couch to 5K as my knees will not tolerate running. Now, just to squeeze it in between chasing after a young kiddo.Happy New Year!

  6. We miss you! Hope all is well. Tami In Denver

  7. happy new year to you!! your new skirt looks great, thanks for sharing :-)